Tables created before I even had my Piwik server

On my production server installed in May 2013, still running Piwik 1.12, I got some unwanted tables :
[li] piwik_archive_blob_2013_01
[/li][li] piwik_archive_numeric_2012_01
[/li][li] piwik_archive_numeric_2013_01
And then other table with month into them goes to May 2013 and that is expected. So why those January 2013 tables even exists and how to get rid of them?

I looked into these tables :
[li] piwik_log_link_visit_action
[/li][li] piwik_log_visit
The first lines are from mid-May and this is expected as well since my server was up at that time.

If I simply DROP TABLE on piwik_archive_blob_2013_01, piwik_archive_numeric_2012_01 and piwik_archive_numeric_2013_01 is it all I need to do to never see them again?

What mechanism have created them?


these tables are not unwanted. They store the yearly reports.

Then why do I need yearly report for 2012 (piwik_archive_numeric_2012_01 with 0 lines) if I installed Piwik in 2013 ?

I’m just trying to understand, it’s no big deal and not a disk space problem. :wink: