Table width in Actions > Pages Titles

Hi everyone
The width of the table column for Page Titles is too narrow for pagetitles of some length, especially if the categorizing feature is to be used (like “Intranet / IT / Information / Desktop”). The column width does not go with the length of the text displayed, it seems that the overall table width has a hard limit. I could not locate the CSS to be changed (assuming that is the way to go). Can someone tell me where & how to change this?

ok after some trial and error I found the following:

In themes/default/common.css, look for this entry to reduce the default text size and choose a narrower font - so more text will fit the screen.

/* start piwik styles */ body { font-family: ... ; font-size: ...; }

Next, goto plugins/CoreHome/templates/datatable.css and find (and change) this entry to widen the table for page URLs and page titles in the “Actions” menu.

.dataTableActionsWrapper { width: 750px; /* original value 500 */ }

So far so good but values shown in that and other tables do get cut off even if there is enough space. For example, the value is “THIS IS THE NAME OF MY PAGE” but the text in the table reads “THIS IS THE N…”. That waste of screenspace is kind of sad.

I assume this behaviour is in the code and not in the CSS, but anyway: How can I change that?


Hi Burkhard,

thanks for asking here. I see your problem and tried to solve that.
Well, it’s not a CSS issue. Apparently PHP prints only a certain amount of letters as you mentioned.

Sorry that i can’t help you on this (since i am not a core developer)
but maybe Matthieu or Anthon can help you.

BR, Mariusz

Hi Mariusz
Thanks for trying. I appreciate that.

I went through the PHP files and with my little knowledge of PHP (and in spite of good comments in the sources) I still could not pinpoint the piece of code responsible (viewdatatable.php? htmltable.php? etc.)

I am not saying that Piwik is buggy (maybe it’s PHP. I am using 5.1.6), I just don’t know. How is the CSS information passed to PHP for execution of string output functions so that it knows the size of an output field?

Maybe somebody knows. Here is the problem again:

  • The table that shows the page URLs and page titles is (example) 10 cm wide on the screen.
  • But long URLs and page titles are not displayed correctly. After (example) 5 cm, the information is truncated so it does not say (example) “This is my page number 3”, it just says “This is my…”
  • The “tooltip” is correctly displayed (little mouse-over-effect window) so that means the data is there and it is not a logging or DB fault.

Grateful for any hint.


I’ve re-opened ticket #453 for this.

So the problem still exist in Piwik 1.11.

We can’t change the truncation limit without modifying \plugins\CoreHome\templates\datable.js (var truncationLimit = 50) around line 1187.

And removing asset_manager_global_*.js in /tmp/assets/

Right ?