Table Event Data and Piwik


I have a simple search 1 page site with 3 events.

Event 1 : Search
Event 2: Section selection
Event 3: Item Selection

I was thinking about the best way to do this. i was going to make 3 tables for each event in a tracking database.
*Section Selection may not happen so is recorded again in the item selection table where ( tabbing may or may not occur)

Search Table
searchID,userID,title,search term ,device,browser,referring URL, timestamp
2,u321344,Owner,“boot strapping”, iphone, safari, “Http://”, !3:32:20|12/12/14

Section Selection
searchID,Timestamp, Section

Item Selection
searchID,Timestamp, Section, Item, position
2,13:32:23|12/12/14,boots,Boots strapping 1x6 , 23

The question is what is the best way to get this information into piwik . i had looked at custom variables but i dont think its a good idea to have so many custom variables firing for each event, plus i dont want to concatenate the data, that to me seems a little messy.

Would be better to do the local tracking database and build a plugin to look directly at it from piwik. Or maybe im looking at the custom variables wrong.

Any help would be very much appreciated.