System will not let me login OR reset password

I tried to log in the other day, and the system refused my login information. This has happened a few times over the last year or so. The other times, I was able to gain access by resetting my password.

When I tried that this time, the system refused to accept login with the new password and using the same username as in the email.

Repeated this process 4 times, with no success.

How can I access my analytics if the system refuses to make it possible to log in – or should I just get rid of PiWik entirely!?


Did you try logging into mysql or your DB of choice and changed the password to the user that way?

Sorry, I am just a user of a site that uses Piwik for analytics but cannot access the account at all – I have no idea how to go about doing what you suggest. -Peter

Then contact the admin who runs the Piwik install.

Hi PeterKC!

Are you trying to login as the superadmin or as a user?

Thanks for your suggestions. Piwik has some great features, but due to the repeated problems, we’re going to have to give it up and look at another system for looking at website stats.

Sorry, this works fine for thousands of users. could you send me access to your piwik so I can take a look? I suspect you’ve maybe copied pasted wrong, or maybe the “config.ini.php” file was not writable.

I am having a similar problem. I could not log in, and decided to reset my password. I receive the message stating that “Information to reset your password has been sent. Check your e-mail” but no email arrives. Maybe you have a suggestion for this problem?

Thank you all for your suggestions. We are a small organization that struggles to be both cost-effective & time-effective, and we think Piwik is a terrific tool – but having to deal with this problem over and over again [and being unable to get a definitive solution] has been a serious problem. We will revisit this next year when we revamp our website, but we have decided to give up on Piwik at this point and use a less-robust analytics package that will allow us to actually get results now.

If Piwik is so important to you then consider getting professional help/ support: