System check - shell_exec and Max Packet Size

I migrated to new host with my sites and get idea to try Matomo instead of GA. I now have managed VPS which is loaded very slightly at moment. But System Check is showing me this two warnings:

  • shell_exec
  • max_allowed_packet (recommended 64 MB, currently have 5 MB)

As I mentioned I am on managed virtual server and those parameters I’m not able to change. So my question is towards “importance” of these settings. Now I have few visits, so I don’t see any problems. But I would like to now if there is need to change them now? If not, under what circumstances it can be problem in the future? Thank you for answer.


shell_exec is not a big problem, Matomo will fall back automatically to the HTTP API. But it will cost some speed while archiving.
max_allowed_packet is a bigger problem, 5 MB is really really small. You are most likely unable to use Custom Dimensions at all and even some standard features might excess the limit.