Switch to tag manager, basic settings


I am going to switch to the tag manager. After reading a lot about it, I see the benefit of it.

To begin with, I want to switch to the Tag manager and make everything continue like it is with the basic analytics tracker. Where can I find what tags, variables and triggers I need to setup, to let everything continue smooth like nothing changed.

After that, I will add new tags and triggers, but first I want to have everything like it is now. I can’t find a good list for this. Anyone can help me get on track?

Hi @Bart6

  • First work on the page view.
  • Then work on simple events… And further on more complex ones.
  • At last, migrate all your trackings…

Don’t forget to use the MTM preview to test your MTM container:

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question about this:
right now we use both the the _mtm-code (for events only) and the _paq-code (for everything else), which i think we should change. if we configure the mtm-code like you propose, do i get double pageview counts when i have the paq-code and a pageview configured in mtm?

Thank you @heurteph-ei, overall the tag manager works nice with all the options and preview and version control, I like it.

I have been testing a bit in the meantime, but what is confusing for me is this.

I added a tag: Matomo Analytics. I added a Pageview trigger. This all works fine. If I add a trigger tot this tag, for example Scroll Reach, this does not seems to work.

Do I have to add a new Matomo Analytics tag for each new trigger? Than why do we need the tag/triggers for, it could be the same thing? I feel like I am missing something here :slight_smile: