Swedish translation improvement

We noticed that the Swedish translation could be improved in the report Devices types (Utrustningstyp in Swedish).
The word Tablet is now translated to Bord (which means table). See attached picture.
A better translation would be Surfplatta or Platta.

I hope I didn’t give you too much trouble now and that it is easy for you to change the word.
I’ll be happy to help with translation to Swedish if needed in the future as a thanks for Piwik!

Best regards,

Thanks for your interest! To improve our translations please signup at: http://translations.piwik.org/ and then email translations@piwik.org with your username. It would be great if you participate in the community translation effort :slight_smile:

OK! I have sent an email and registered at the translation community.
I’ll be glad to help if I can! :slight_smile: