Support for Azure MySql database host

I’ve been looking at moving my hosting to Azure… the piwik site itself (PHP) seems to be fine (albeit a tad slow, but i’ve not spent any time investigating or tuning it) hosted in a web app… but I decided to go down the path of using their MySQL database hosting solution, instead of hosting MySQL/MariaDB/etc in a VM… currently the region is restricted to preview mode, which only allows 50/100 DTUs.

I’ve only just begun my testing (two days so far)… but the biggest issue I seem to be hitting is related to upgrading piwik, in which I have hit the DTU limit on multiple occasions, which (as I understand it) causes the queries to execute slower… piwik reports that the database has disappeared, though I suspect a more technical description is that the command(s) timed out.

Obviously i’m not necessarily in “supported territory” here… and I have other concerns around long term support of this approach (backups being the biggest risk)… but I wanted to let you know what i’m seeing, so that you can give consideration to the scenario, whether you decide on establishing a minimum DTU requirement for azure deployments, or decide that it’s just not supported, or make code changes to support the longer delays.


also… the Azure MySQL database host is configured to require SSL by default… once disabled, piwik was able to connect… I’ve not yet investigated whether the config file has a setting for this, but if not it may be worth adding… in the meanwhile I’ve secured the access by use of network and user login policies, so i’m not overly concerned… just wanted to mention

MySQL via SSL support is nearly finished

There was a pull request adding support, but the author didn’t react any more, so that part is now looking for a maintainer.