Super User Logs

Is there a plugin to see the User logs, meaning what Action a Super User performed (add/delete Website, add/delete User)? I installed Log Viewer but it does not show me anything. Thx Jens


The ActivityLog Premium plugin does exactly that:

Thanks Lukas! I am looking at the different packages and I have another question. The quoted users are about the total amount of users, yes? So if I have e.g. 10 users on my installation, I should by the 5-15 users packeges.
Or is the quoted user related to the amount of users, which will use the Plugin, regardless to the total amount of users?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @jediko69,

You are right, the quoted users are the total amount of users on your Matomo instance.
So with 10 users set up you need the 5-15 users packages.