Suggestion to fix something in the translation

In the VisitsSummary_EvolutionOverLastPeriods, while doing the translation to Portuguese, I found something that is quite annoying and looks strange. The English text is “Evolution over the last %s” referring to days, weeks, months and years. In English, I guess these words have no gender and/or are neutral, but in some languages like for example Portuguese, they are not. While days, months and years are masculine words in Portuguese, weeks is a feminine word. So when you translate it according to the english text, you have “Evolução nos últimos %s”, but when you are looking at a week report… it is wrong, it should say “Evolução nas últimas %s”. Even if you remove the “nos” word (“over the”) and replace it with let’s say a hyphen as in “Evolução - últimos %s”, the word “últimos” (last) still would have to be “últimas” instead for the weeks report.

I would gladly upload the full translation to Brazilian Portuguese, if it wasn’t for that small annoyance which looks awful and unprofessional.