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I installed Piwik, and everything is working fine except one thing. On my site I have a blog under | Blog. Each blog-entry can then be found in blog/year/slug/.

In the pages view, I see then how many visits I had to blog/2014/*, but the detailed list underneath shows for every blog entry only a hyphen (-). It is therefore not possible to say which blog entries were actually visited. In the Row Evolution window, each blog entry has the same URL, namely | Blog (without the year/title, but with a double slash), and everything is 0, even though it shows some views in the page view.

I attached two screendumps.

Any ideas?

OK, when I change the view from ‘hirarchical’ to ‘flat’, I can see all the pages listed individual; hence that works!

Still wondering though why I cannot see the individual urls in the hirarchical view.

Any ideas appreciated.

Hi prisae,

  1. is Administration > System check, looking good?
  2. are you using PIwik 2.13.1 ?
  3. can you try delete the piwik/tmp folder and try again?

if you still have the issue despite having latest Piwik + OK System check + delete tmp/ folder,
then please create a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi matt,

Thanks for coming back to me.

  1. The system check is all green, except: Database abilities -> LOAD DATA INFILE throws a warning.
  2. Yes, I am on 2.13.1.
  3. Deleting piwik/tmp did not resolve the issue.

I assume the LOAD DATA INFILE is not the issue here, correct?

Hi, It looks like a bug in Piwik. can you create a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and post screenshot?

Can you somehow reproduce this problem on the or not? - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Piwik

Hi Matt,

I tried to reproduce it on the Demo page, but I couldn’t. So I went back to my site, just to find out that it works now, the problem does not exist any more!

I wonder if it was an issue in the beginning, that there might have been too few data? Or my Hosting provider did a restart, that fixed some stuff.

Thanks for your help and all the work you did/are doing with PIWIK, I am ejoying it a lot!

It might be related or not: My dashboard has a 3 column view. The first view days, this was often reset to a one-column view, without apparent reason. This is not happening anymore.

Btw, the Piwik forum gave me a good lough. It doesn’t allow me to sign with my proper name, my name seems to be on the ban-list :smiley: (It works with hypens though…: D-i-e-t-e-r)