Subdomains on multilanguage site

Hi @all,

how can i handle piwik with a multilanguage website?

Example subdomains:

Hi there

see: How do I track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Does it help you or do you need more help? Maybe I could create a new FAQ…

I’d like to jump in here, as being a PIWIK-greenhorn I have a similar question.

Also want to implement PIWIK on a multilang website with a comparable structure of subdomains, but in my case the subdomains shall represent countries. For each Country-site there’ll be at least one language-version, so they will look like this:

As I understand the FAQ it’s up to my preferences either to push all subdomains to one “Website” in Piwik, or to create one “Website” per subdomain.
Now I think about the advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios.
Favourite at the moment is the “One Website per Subdomain”-solution, as it provides the posibility for user-access-management.
But I still lack enough background-knowledge to be aware of all the consequences which come along with such a basic decision. So I’d appreciate every hint where I may improve my knowledge!
Any suggestions?

Thanx a lot in advance!