Sub menu navigation issue in IE8

Hi All,

I am facing some css menu navigation rendering issues in IE8. My code base is 1.5.1. It is happening in IE8 only, IE7 is good. Also is it not happening on demo site as it is 1.6. I can not take 1.6 right now as it requires lot of work (merging custom changes) from my side.

Is this bug fixed in 1.6? Can some one please point me to the files where the fix might exists, so that I can compare my files with 1.6 version.

I am attaching screenshot for reference.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t recall a specific IE8 fix in Piwik for the submenu, but we upgraded to the latest versions of jQuery and jQuery-UI, and got rid of the superfish menu plugin.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Hi Vipsoft,

Thanks for the quick response.
I tried multiple times by clearing the cache and all. Can you please tell me what files I need to check for updates to get latest jquery and jquery-UI.