Sub-domain tracking

Hello, that’s exists a plugin for track the sub domain? I can use only 1 code for track with piwik on multiple sub domain dynamic. Can you do a plugin for that’s? I wish link visit page with subdomain or just visit by sub domain.

Sub domains are considered as a different domain anyway. Maybe not.
Unless maybe if you add them to the list of URL in the site definition.
This need testing but normally, all pages with the same ID in the tracker code are considered of the same site.
But i wonder how is it listed in Piwik.

I’m not sure I understand your requirements.

If you want to use a single idsite for multiple domains (and subdomains), you should use setDomains() in the JavaScript tracking API.

However, you are not limited to a single idsite. You can create additional sites, each corresponding to a subdomain.