Stylesheet only loading partially for Matomo UI

It seems that a stylesheet doesn’t get fully loaded when viewing the reports page. Half of the elements are not styled.

There are no errors in the dev console & only one css file gets loaded: wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCss&cb=40e50d7deb295d8d713555a075bb0f9d

I tried in on multiple wordpress installations and servers. Also I have no blocking scripts running in the browser.

Do you have any tips?

Hi @101development

Can you share with us your system report available from the menu Matomo Analytics > Diagnostics?

Kind regards

Thank you for your assistance! I already tried to switch the theme to a default theme and disabling all plugins but i forgot to “Clear Matomo Cache” after each change. I found out that the problem is that our custom theme also uses the library.

We customized the less library for our needs but also in its original state the issues exists. I renamed the classes of our less library, as it custom anyway, and everything seems to work now!

Regards, Michael