Strange opt-out issues

We are experiencing some strange issues with the Matomo opt-out.

We have integrated the Matomo opt-out on our privacy policy page. As soon as a visitor visits this page, he is automatically opted out.

When reloading this page, the opt-out checkbox is unchecked and the user is opted out. When we refresh the page again, the checkbox is checked and the visitor is opted in again. This behaviour changes at every reload of the page.

We are using Matomo cookieless tracking integrated with the Complianz plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This sounds a bit like


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Thanks for your quick reply. So I understand this will be fixed in the next release.

I hope so because I have exactly the same problem described in your opening post and also in my case Complianz is used on site.

Feel free to test this beta version which was released today and should include the fix:
Matomo 4.13.0-rc1

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With Matomo Cloud, when will it be available?

Thanks for your answer

Thank you!
To try it, do I have to reinstall from scratch or can I update 4.12.3?
If so, will I be able to install the official 4.13.0 on this one?

Matomo 4.13.0-rc1 fixed for me, everything works as it should, thanks


With Matomo Cloud, when will it be available?

Thanks for your answer

Hi @startUp
As the RC has been published few time ago, the final release should arrive shortly (before the end of year probably).
Then AFAIK, there is one more day for Matomo Cloud publication…

Thank you Philippe.

We will wait… I don’t know if there is a link to follow the versions/evolutions of Matomo Cloud.

We’ll watch. I’m not sure whether there is a way to follow the Matomo Cloud releases or evolutions.

In GitHub:

image image

Thanks Philippe for this information, I subscribed.
Have a nice day

Fixed in last version of Matomo: Matomo 4.13.0 Changelog

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