Strange keyword referrals -- how can I get more info?

I get a lot of referrals from one very strange keyword. How can I get more info about it?

For example, can I find users who arrived with that keyword in the visitor log?

go to visitorlog, then add to the URL: &segment=referrerKeyword==YOURKEYOWRD

That isn’t working, but it may be due to the strange nature of the keyword. Here’s a contrived version of the keyword: one_of_my_pages

There is a page on my site with a very similar URL:

I tried adding:

& one_of_my_pages



But either way I get “There is no data for this report.” This is my #1 keyword for the period according to Piwik and Webalizer.

make sure you URL encode the keyword

I changed it to this but the result is the same:


Should that give me results for keyword “ one_of_my_pages”?

It should yes. Try with other segments to check it’s working: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I tried it with other keywords and it works great. In case it is significant, there are dashes in the keyword which doesn’t work. Should I file a bug?

Can you replicate the problem on the demo ?

I played with some keywords in the demo but couldn’t replicate it, although none of the keywords in the demo are quite the same. For example, I couldn’t find any keywords in the demo with two dots. Can you suggest a way to test this further?

I got another keyword referral of the same format but different domain and page name on another of my sites and I can’t segment with it in Piwik either.

if you select period=year you should find some keywords that mtach your requirements maybe ? if you replicate on the demo it will be much easier for us to look into!

How about this keyword in the demo from some time in the last year (halfway down the list of 500):,94978,94982#msg-94982

I’m segmenting like this and “There is no data for this report.”:


Can you show the getKeywords API call that shows tihs keyword, then show the demo URL that shows the filtering doesnt work ?

I don’t know how to come up with a getKeywords API call, but if you click “Year” for “Date Range” and then choose to display “500” keywords on the Dashboard, the following keyword is displayed (which is actually a URL) about halfway down the list:,94978,94982#msg-94982

This is the demo URL which shows the filtering doesn’t work:

There is indeed a bug because even “reversing” the request, for example keyword does NOT contain:

is returning zero visits! This is strange. Please create a bug report in with as much info as found here!

Bug created!

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Does this mean the bug won’t be fixed until the new segmentation feature is funded and completed?

No it does not mean that just I posted the link since it’s relevant.