Strange entries in report pages

Can someone explain to me some strange entry in report pages: actions - pages

There is an entry like C: Dokumente und Einstellungen-krenzer.m-Lokale Einstellungen-Temporary Internet files-Content Outlook-/BJH3LI4E/Reklamationsmanage… and some more (see attached jpg)[attachment=1481:piwik.jpg]

hat das was mit piwik zu tun?
scheint als wenn es aus dem outlook kommt.


OK, looks like a file from Outlook, but why is piwik tracking it. And besides: there are some names within it but none of these names is known to me.

I suspect that someone downloaded your website and sent it to some of his contacts. They then opened the file (temporarily stored in the Outlook folder) which triggered the tracking code.

It could be discussed if such visits should be excluded by the tracking code (if that’s the source of this entry).