Still problem with WRONG GEO FLAG and LOCATION

I have configured a Tracker as:

enable_language_to_country_guess = 0

but browser language still affect the right visualization of flag and location.

ie: italian browser from spain, show flag and location Italy, but give right spanish provider and ip.

I not understand why the option “enable_language_to_country_guess” in the installation default is set to 1. Location and Flag must be in base to the IP and NOT in base to the browser language.

What can be the problem?

Thanks you

(SEE IMAGE: Spanish IP Address - Spanish Internet Provider - ITALIAN FLAG (also in the map).

Hello Anthon,
as wrote in the previous message, I have already set “enable_language_to_country_guess = 0”, but nothing change.
Still show wrong flag/location, but right spanish ISP/IP.
Same happen from italian people that visiting site from others country with italians browser.

Thanks you.

read the rest of the faq. You have to install geoip

GeoIP installed and working (i have checked that wrote right info in the table piwik_log_visit).


still show wrong flag (i have italian browser but i am located in Spain. I can see IP and spanish IP).

In database i have:

location_browser_lang: it-it,it,en-us,en
location_country: it
location_continent: eur

location_geoip_continent: eur
location_geoip_country: es
location_geoip_city: Castellbisbal
location_geoip_latitude: 41,4667
location_geoip_longitude: 1,9667


Geoip Ip plugin is working perfeclty writing data in the table but the widget still show italian flag. Look like that is not reading from geoip info wrote in the table.


looking to Localization and ISP page, i can see Continent (GeoIP), Country (GeoIP), Provider but not show City(GeoIP) (in the table piwik_log_visit is present this info in the column “location_geoip_city”).

In the Dashboard i have added the only 2 widgets avaibles From GeoIP: “Visitor Country” and “Visitor Continents”, but in base to the info provided from GeoIP pulgins is missed a widget with “Visitor City”.

What is the solution for fix in definitive way this problem?

Thanks in advanced.