Stats Sometimes 0?

Installed 0.6.1 on a CentOS 5.5 server, PHP 5.2.9, Suhosin. I can login to Piwik and see some values, I go into the settings and change to show Last Week data, then back to Dashboard or All Sites, and every site shows 0’s? I can then open another browser, and ll seems fine? This seems to be a caching issue (possibly?) since I do use a caching http proxy on my network. But this is happening with, or without the cache running? Is there any other possible cause for this? Or can I set something to ensure the Piwik pages are not cached?

there is no caching in Piwik at this stage, so this wouldn’t be the issue. please check that the selected date ranges are valid. are you saying that it works in some browsers, and not in others, with the ‘exact same URL’?

me too have some times this issue.
Refreshing the page several times solves the problem.