Stats per hour every day a period

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Hi all,

I ask me about how to see the stats, for each hour, every day of a period.
Why to see this ? For example, it is intersting to know this for publish products on an ebusiness site, just before the most people connect to the site.

Is it actually possible ? Is it a feature that could be added ?

Thanks for your help

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What I’ld like to have as result is a 3 axis diagram :
X : Server time
Y : Nb of visits
Z : The day or the period (mon, tue, wed,…)

This should give something like this
I made this diagram with Excel, using fake datas

(vipsoft) #4

3-axis charting is not supported by Open Flash Chart 2.

Even if it were, some might find that chart “too busy” or cases where data is obscured.

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Ok vipsoft,

Of course, the way I found for doing this is a CSV request that I use for inputting the datas (attached file) in an Excel worksheet.

Sorry for my silly question style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif

(vipsoft) #6

It’s possible but I don’t see it being on the roadmap to 1.0.

All the data is there in the db. So, in the meantime, you can create a plugin to summarize the data along these dimensions and export it in any format you like.