Stats delayed or wrong?

In the view “All websites” I have some websites with 0 Visitors for a given period (day, week or month), but when I enter the dashboard of one website, i see activity.

I have a cronjob set in place to archive the data (once per hour), but even if i run this cronjob manually, the values stays 0.

Why does this happen?

Today, I discovered, that the stats of today (in the all websites view) are correct, but if I choose to view a month or a week, the values are empty. In the dashboard, I also see the correct values.

For other domains, the value is 0 even for today. In the dashboard of this domain, I see visitor activity.

I just ran the cronjob manually. Still the values are wrong. Is this a bug?

this is the bug Period reports must always or never include today's statistics · Issue #5793 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub