Stats decrease by 66% since 1.2

(HellR) #1

Hello there :wink:

Like others I have a major problem since the 1.2 upgrade, the stats for my 58 sites were decreased by about 66%…

I have Piwik 1.2 hosted on a server at the address and 57 sites hosted on an other server at addresses,, …, I have also differents domains (,, etc) on the idsite 58.

Piwik works fine since october 2010 and my database is about 7Go (5Go before 1.2 update !). We use OpenX as adserver and it doesn’t shown any visitor decrease.

Thanks for your help :wink:

(HellR) #2

Here is my conf :

idsite 1 :, (only some unclassed pages),,, etc.

idsite 2 : main portal

idsite 3 : main portal (only portal sections).

idsite 4 : fansite 1 webpage

idsite 5 : fansite 1 forums (only fansite 1 sections).

Same as idsite 4 and 5 for others fansites.

I am using first party cookies. I think that now I have to set cookie domain for every sites using idsite 1.

Stats decreased by 66% for idsite 2, and 80% for others fansites idsites.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Are you able to compare with google analytics for a few days (or another service)? it is possible that it fixes a bug where it would previosuly overcount (we fixed a few similar to this in 1.2)

(HellR) #4

We had xiti until december 2010 and now piwik is working alone. Our stats were similar between those two trackers.

I put a Google analytics tracker yesterday in order to compare, I will give you some stats tomorrow.

Thank you for your answer.

(HellR) #5

Hi matt, I’ve just sent you a PM with our stats. GA only runs since 10 hours but the difference is significant.

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

HellR I can see the difference, but I have no idea where to start really… do you have errors in your error logs? are you sure you tagged all your pages with both tags? do you use any third party plugins? also check: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo which contains a lot of info

(HellR) #7

Both tags are included in all pages and we are not using any third party plugins.

Piwik run on a nginx/mariadb server using ipv6. We will put ipv4 only in order to see if there is any difference.


I am experiencing the exact same problem my hits went from 3000 a day to 1000. I had been running piwik for a few years so the sudden drop is very noticeable on my graphs.

(HellR) #9

There is no difference with ipv4 :frowning: and always a huge difference between GA and Piwik.

@matt: I’ve PM you some datas.

(Matthieu Aubry) #10

Guys, there is another post with the same problem: please read my suggestion post: 301 Moved Permanently

and reply there, I’m closing this topic