Statistic of the day don't work anymore since today

No data since today don’t know whats append i updat my wordpress
Ii have this type of error and never end !!
10 total errors during this script execution, please investigate and try and fix these errors. => CronArchive.php:625; CronArchive.php:618; CronArchive.php:280; Access.php:670; CronArchive.php:284; ScheduledTasks.php:332; class-wp-hook.php:305; class-wp-hook.php:331; plugin.php:524; wp-cron.php:138;
archive_errors 2022-08-17 14:56:13 'Got invalid response from API request: ?module=API&method=CoreAdminHome.archiveReports&idSite=1&period=day&date=2022-08-17&format=json&trigger=archivephp. Response was ’ <meta name=‘robots’ content=‘noindex, follow’ /> WordPress » Erreur html { background: #f1f1f1; } body { background: #fff; border: 1px

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Thanks for sharing this information.