Statictics for device popularity by country and/or part of the world


In my line of work it’s quite important for us to see device popularity in differnet parts of the world. In Matomo i cannot see to find this information in an easy-to-access way. I also found no plugin for this,
However it seems like the data is in the database, because if i open the “Open segmented visitor log” i see country and device next to eachother.

What i expect is to be able to see, for instance “in country X there are Y number of reports using device Z”.

Maybe i need to work on my plugin searching skills?



Depending on how exactly you would like to see the data, you could create segments for the data.

Or you could try out the Custom Reports premium plugin.
It allows selecting e.g. Country and Device Model

and will generate a report showing the visits per device model in every country: