Start a Piwik Feature Suggestions Website

(SpikeX) #1

Title basically says it all. It would be nice if you guys had a feature suggestions website (probably powered by UserVoice) so that Piwik users could vote on their most-wanted features (and that way, you guys would know what to develop first, instead of chucking everything into the bug tracker, which is extremely developer-oriented and not really easy to read or navigate).

Here are a few sites that are powered by UserVoice:

(No external links? Really guys? Come on style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif)

And their website:

If you guys are too busy doing whatever it is you do, I’d be happy to set it up, although it would only be the free version, so the domain would be What are your thoughts on this?

(vipsoft) #2

Thanks. We are planning to replace the forum.

We have a small whitelist of sites. This has significantly cut down on forum spam, so this policy isn’t going to change.

(Adam) #3

This is a good idea. Or perhaps getsatisfaction