Standard tracking vs log import



I would like to ask: Since with piwik we can do log analysis (by importing a web acces log), is there any benefit from doing standard tracking (by adding javascript code in individual pages)?

Would you suggest using one of the two methods only (which?) or we could use both methods at the same time (assuming that piwik can leverage info from both sources without getting “confused”)?

What is the proper way to do analysis?

Note: I am using nginx 1.4.2 on CentOS 6 with a (Joomla) website which has a normal/usual load of 10,000 pages / 100,000 hits per day but it has peaks of 120,000 pages / 1,000,000 hits per day - according to awstats. We will want to be able to serve about 1,000 requests per second (during peaks).

Please advise.

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see How do I install Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


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This link provided exactly the info I wanted.

The page mentions: “In the future, we hope to improve the tracking of data so that it is possible to “merge” both techniques, use the JavaScript tracking by default, and “enrich” the data using log files (for visitors that did not execute the JavaScript or for parts of the website that do not support JS).”

Is this feature implemented in v2.0?

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Yep I’m waiting for this :slight_smile:

Because then I can see how many bot’s are spamming my site.

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to see how many bots you may also try to use the third party plugin