SSL: No statistics anymore


I have a SSL secured site for some weeks now. Before having implemented the SSL issue, the site delivered statistics as usual, after having SSL active no statistics data are delivered any more.

The scenario: For about two years I have PIWIK running on the site of one of my two web hosting service providers (A). All my web sites are connected to this single PIWIK database on A. Recently I added SSL support for a web site on my account of the other provider (B). After having done so I no longer receive, or at least cannot see, statistics data for the SSL site on B.

Now, B told me that it is not allowed to run PIWIK on B, at least with the package I am using (and it did not work when I tried to do so). Upgrading to a full server package would allow me to install PIWIK. However, this is much more expensive and I do not need all the extra services. Also, moving the site to another provider is no option.

My question: What can be done to have PIWIK statistics running on A for the SSL site on B?

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Hi there,

See also How do I check that my Piwik SSL Server is correctly configured? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


thanks for the hint. The test reports “invalid port()”.

I won’t be able to change the port on the providers side where the SSL web site is running. Is there a way to tell PIWIK to listen to this other port?

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