SSL and Header Logo


Hi Folks.

There’s a problem using Piwik with SSL. All images and data is loading via SSL but the Header-Logo is loading without SSL, so the user get’s an error.

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Hi Stephan,

I was having this problem too after upgrading to 1.5. The site was not full https because of the logo.

I fixed it by going to the database and editing piwikUrl table located in piwi_option table. The piwikUrl table had, and I just changed it to

Workin like a champ now… hope this helps. Please let me know if there is a better option.



Thank’s Jay. worked for me.

Why the hell is the complete URL in the database?
Hopefully will be fixed in 1.6. Nevertheless…Piwik’s great!

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This is now fixed in trunk.


Thanks for the update!

Agree with Stephan, Piwik is a great thing :slight_smile: