SSL and Header Logo

Hi Folks.

There’s a problem using Piwik with SSL. All images and data is loading via SSL but the Header-Logo is loading without SSL, so the user get’s an error.

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Hi Stephan,

I was having this problem too after upgrading to 1.5. The site was not full https because of the logo.

I fixed it by going to the database and editing piwikUrl table located in piwi_option table. The piwikUrl table had, and I just changed it to

Workin like a champ now… hope this helps. Please let me know if there is a better option.


Thank’s Jay. worked for me.

Why the hell is the complete URL in the database?
Hopefully will be fixed in 1.6. Nevertheless…Piwik’s great!

This is now fixed in trunk.

Thanks for the update!

Agree with Stephan, Piwik is a great thing :slight_smile: