SQL Error in wordpress version

I am using the self hosted version of Matomo since the very beginning of version 0.1 or so.

I am getting an error as follows though

## WP DB Error: [1146] Table 'XXXXmatomo_tagmanager_container' doesn't exist SQL: SELECT * FROM XXXXmatomo_tagmanager_container WHERE idsite = ? and status = ? ORDER BY created_date ASC, name ASC

when clicking on Report, Setting etc

The normal tracking works fine as well as the summary.

Deinstallig the plugin and reinstalling it from Wordpress had no effect and was not creating the probably missing table.

How can I fix this?


Hi @Marian_Haertel

I’m quite certain in the early versions we had the Tag Manager deactivated and that’s likely why it wasn’t installed. Could you maybe locate your Matomo config file which you can likely find in wp-content/uploads/matomo/config/config.ini.php and try to remove the line that says

PluginsInstalled[] = "TagManager"

and then save the file? It might install it afterwards.


It seems I killed the Matomo Installation. Once I reinstall the Plugin from Wordpress I get a fatal error

WordPress-Datenbank-Fehler: [Table ‘itmedialaw.I9I7p_matomo_option’ doesn’t exist]
SELECT option_value, option_name FROM I9I7p_matomo_option WHERE autoload = 1

How can I get this table into the database to continue using Matomo? :wink:

Hi @Marian_Haertel

sorry about the issue. If you don’t mind losing some existing data, you could follow these instructions to get the data back: