SQL error from VisitFrequency plugin (Binary log conflict)

Hello. I haven’t used my Matomo very much for quite a while but have been planning to get back to my blog and logged into Matomo just to see what activity has been like. I had to upgrade (which I do typically do them when I get the emails but I’ve been bad about updating it the past few years) and before and after the upgrade I get this error from several widgets:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1665 Cannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT and at least one table uses a storage engine limited to row-based logging. InnoDB is limited to row-logging when transaction isolation level is READ COMMITTED or READ UNCOMMITTED. - in plugin VisitFrequency.

Matomo version: 4.11.0
MySQL version: 5.6.50-90.0-log
PHP version: 7.4.10

If on the dashboard I only have the previous day selected ony the Websites widget does it. If I select a range that is anything other than the previous day then the Visits Over Time, Websites, Keywords, Browsers, and Search Engines widgets all do it.

I’m hosted so I don’t have access to the server it’s running on, if it requires a change there, but I imagine I could submit a support ticket.

I did try just deactivating and reactivating the plugin but it didn’t help. I don’t see a way to remove and reinstall that plugin.

Thoughts? I appreciate any assistance.

It seems to be a MySQL configuration problem:

Thank you, I put in a support ticket as I didn’t have access to change this in phpMyAdmin… apparently it’s a shared server so I can’t make global changes. Hopefully it’s something they will do.