:SPiwik for Joomla no access


I installed piwik on my server and it seems to have installed properly. I also installed plugins to link to my joomla an virtuemart. Based on other people's comments, the plugins work perfectly for them, but my piwik shows zero activity.
For VM 2.0's piwik i use the one by istraxx and I believe the information fields are filled in correctly.
url: https://www.site.com/piwik/
and the token_auth was gotten from the api page...and nothing shows on the piwik page

I use another sys piwik for my joomla pages, entered the same field information, and nothing worked. I've been trying to figure this out for a while, and nothing has budged. please help!

any help will be appreciated.

what’s the problem exactly?

piwik is not registering any of the activities on my site despite the plugins installed to make sure it does.

we cant really help if you use a plugin, but check your javascript code is output on the page.

also see this FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

There are quite a few plugins available for Joomla, the one I like the most is the eorisis.
There are a few things to keep in mind.
The piwik plugin is enabled, the token is correct, the site id is correct, the url for piwik is correct, also if you run virtuemart, you probably run in https, I would suggest using the https for piwik as well.
As Matt suggested, look in the page source code, and make sure the piwik javascript is there.

many thanks. I have installed eosiris, and it’s showing in my page source now and it’s working!! I believe it was a problem with my htaccess. My other plugin did not user javascript, so I did not get any forbidden errors. With this plugin, I had forbidden errors, and as soon as I tweaked my htaccess, it started working.

Many thanks again.