Specific tracking info for a page

Hey guys, would it be possible for me to have specific information for a single page instead of the website completely?

For example, I have https://mydomain.com/about
Would it be possible for me to know which countries accessed that page only?


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Should be very straightforward with a URL-country custom report

This is possible with segmentation. Generate a segment for this webpage in the dashboard and activate/load the country widget (its not visible, load it via the dashboard button above). Yet you see in the dashboard and other matomo stats only the stats for this single page. When you track multiple websites, select the website above before.

You can hover over the url and select some options like the row informations:

I tried and it didn’t work. This is what I’m trying:

const endpoint = ${matomoUrl}/index.php?module=API&method=Actions.getPageUrls&idSite=${siteId}&period=range&date=${startDate},${endDate}&format=json&filter_pattern=${page}&showColumns=nb_hits_with_time_spent,location_browser_lang,location_country,location_region,location_city&token_auth=${matomoToken};

I get nothing, but I should. All I’m getting is:

“result”: {
“location”: null,
“region”: null,
“city”: null

I need help!