Sparklines display wrong in IE

I’m having grief with IE7 (unfortunatley my clients use it, so don’t have any choice!).

Any widget set to display sparklines is rendered incorrectly; I’ll attach a screendump.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour from IE, and anyone got any suggestions how to fix it? Which stylesheet or script is used to render these widgets - a quick glance at the HTML they generate shows a huge list of CSS and JS links… :confused:


Sparklines are rendered on the server side. The main files are piwik/libs/sparkline/lib/Sparkline_Line.php and piwik/core/Visualization/Sparkline.php.

As a result, you should be seeing the same result with non-IE browsers.

Note: there was a bug in earlier versions of Piwik where several sparklines were duplicated. (Fixed in 0.2.33.)

No, results are only out IE. Not sure what you mean by “rendered on server” - it’s all HTML that’s produced, not a server-side construct like a swf or a single image, so layout is a surely a function of CSS or any DOM-maniuplating JS which is running in the IFRAME?

OIC. To clarify, the sparkline is a server generated image. Sparkline-based widgets are laid out in HTML.

Where is this problem occurring? Dashboard? Visitors | Overview?

Widget - on dashboard and in my own pages where I’m using the widgets. It should be something we can fixup with a CSS or JS hack, but I’m not sure where best to do that - there’s a healthy number of CSS and JS files linked into the widget’s IFRAME! I was also curious as to whether others have seen this behaviour - it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to deal with IE weirdness which is actually hard to replicate on another PC!