Sorting not working anymore ? [Fixed, in SVN]

When i click the headers of the Downloaded files widget, it reload, it change the clicked header to bold, but it doesn’t sort anymore.

This is in Firefox, on Win XP.

Maybe Piwik could use the following JQuery extension that can sort by more than one colomn :

Click it again?

It doesn’t sort, even if clicked multiple times.

I saw that it might do that only on the files widget; the keyword widget is working fine (except that the first time we click it sort in wrong order and we must click a second time).

It seems to work on ?

On the demo, i’m experiencing another problem.
It’s taking forever to reload after cliking an header.
In fact, ten minutes later, it’s still trying to reload.
It’s doing the same in both Firefox and IE8.

But, maybe it’s because of something locally on my computer.
The flavor of java installed ? I dont think so, the Java icon isn’t next to the clock…

Edit: By the way, i have Firebug. But, i’m not sure how to use it to give you the information about this.

It is working on the demo for me, in both the normal Piwik UI Downloads report, and in the widget view (Sign in - Matomo )

if you can reproduce the issue on the demo, or your local install please post a comment in Actions Downloads widget · Issue #2208 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Ok, after testing the given link, i have more data :

It sort OK the groups but not the links in thoses groups.

Here how it is when the link load :

Here how it is after clicking one time on the first header :

And after clicking a second time :

This time i used Firefox.
If you think i could give you more infos using Firebug or any tool, i’m willing to try (if able to).

Thanks, I could replicate. I posted a patch in the ticket, do you mind trying it (after deleting files in tmp/assets/)

Yes !
That has restored previous behaviour.

That mean, on the first click of the URL header, URLs are sorted from Z to A.
Would be better to get from A to Z on the first click but i wont be so picky today. :wink: