Some Websites doesn't track (Cloudflare App)

Hi there,

I’m using on-premise Matomo Host with multiple websites.

all of them are connected with Cloudflare DNS.
Websites and Matomo Installation are on the same shared host with SSL conneced.

As many of the websites tracking great (I watched the live tracking), some of them doesn’t even track anything OR just track Firefox (and not Chrome etc.).

As I found it weird becaus all Cloudflare instances and wordpress plugins are set up the same, I tried to comprehend this issue…

What works is to call a simple .html file on the server…even with chrome it gets tracked.
When I call my wordpress installation, it doesn’t work anymore.

Maybe it’s an .htaccess or url-rewrite issue? Console tells me no issues…

Thx in advance

The Idea of Cloudflare App is pretty cool and would like to

for all who struggled with it…I nailed it!

here in germany we have a cookie consent tool e-recht24.

It will be included via header by the theme module for further tracking codes (my theme was “impreza”).
As i removed the code, the tracking went fine.

Also when I resaved the setting with the same old Code, the tracking went fine furthermore…

Hope that helps