Some User visits only show Visitor ID

Per this GitHub issue, and this FAQ document, when a User ID is set, all pages should be linked to that user.

However on Matomo Cloud this is not happening for me. I often see visits after login assigned only to the Visitor ID.

Is there some setting that I’m missing?

Edit: for clarity, about 60% of logged-in visits are tagged to a User ID and 40% of logged-in visits do not show the User ID but the Visitor ID instead.

Hi @valor,

How do you track the “anonymous visit” then authenticated visit?
Can you also share the visit log where you see the described bad behavior?
As you encountered your issue in Matomo Cloud, you should reach Matomo support team by email: support at matomo dot org
Then let us known what’s new :wink:

Attached is the visit log – there’s clearly a “Login” action and I know who this user is.
This is a Vue.JS app, and we’re using AmazingDreams/vue-matomo integration listed. Truthfully, the integration does need some work and the last activity on the repo is last August.

However, there’s no reason that some visitors should be recognized and others not.

Hi @valor
Sorry for my late answer I missed your message.
In your attached screenshot, I don’t understand the #10 visit.
The user seems to login several times…? Maybe a failing login attempt?
Can you reproduce with one of your own visit the login with no user ID?