Some questions - cleaning & best approach

Hello, I have some interrogation about the plugin vs classic Matomo’s installation:

  • how to prevent the database to grow indefinitely? I did not find any option to autoclean datas.
  • will datas/tables used by the plugin deleted after suppression of the plugin. I did not see any option for this.
  • what is the best solution for WP for the site : install the plugin or classic installation. As in classic installation, Matomo uses it’s own database and works in a subdomain, I tend to think classic installation is the more secure and efficient.


Normally, all data is kept indefinitely. But you can set data retention seperatly for raw data and the aggregated reports.

It seems like no database tables are removed when removing the table. Maybe @thomas_matomo knows more about this.

That’s a total matter of opinion. With the full Matomo install, you have far more possibilities for customization, with the new plugin everything works easier out of the box.

When the plugin is uninstalled, all tables will be removed if the constant MATOMO_REMOVE_ALL_DATA is set to true for example in wp-config.php like define('MATOMO_REMOVE_ALL_DATA', true);

We will document this closer to the release.
The code is here: wp-matomo/uninstall.php at 0.1.1 · matomo-org/wp-matomo · GitHub

OK, thanks for the answer. I suggest to add an option Delete all datas when uninstalling the plugin.