Some pages are not tracked

Some pages of the website are not tracked. They are essential for analytics because they are part of the booking process.

The 2 pages are:

  • check your booking - unfortunately I cannot include links in this post
  • thank you for your booking

All other pages appear in the matomo database.
I have a self hosted installation and I do not block my own visits.

I hope somebody can find the problem.

How can I add links of the pages where this problem occurs?

Hi @grietje
Can you check if there is no error in the tracked (but not seen) pages? (JavaScript or HTTP errors)
Can you check the HTTP tracking request from these pages?
If you have Matomo HTTP connections log, can you check you see them? Maybe you can also see some errors in the Matomo error log file?

Hi Philippe, thank you for your reply.
On the settings dashboard is a message:
Tracking failures
There are no known tracking failures.

I have just now installed the plugin Log Viewer. Is that what you mean by “If you have Matomo HTTP connections log”? My website still has very low volume so I will give it a week or 2 and check later.

Both pages have http status 200 and no javascript errors.

I don’t know how to “check the HTTP tracking request”. Do you have a link where I can learn about this? But reading a bit into the Matomo API I realise that both pages are reached other than by regular links:

  • check your booking page comes from another page by echo "<script>location.href='$URL'</script>";
  • thank you page by standard form submit (method=“post”).

Could that cause the problem? I used these codes for decades (2 actually) and Google Analytics never had a problem with them.

I appreciate your help very much, Philippe!

Thats a PHP mistake. $URL will be written as $URL and don’t write the value of $URL.


$URL = '';
echo PHP_EOL.'<script>location.href="'.$URL.'";</script>'.PHP_EOL;

will be end in:


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Hi @grietje

In Apache (or other kind of host), there is error logs… And also access logs. To check all HTTP connections to your Matomo server. Just to check if the HTTP request reaches the Matomo application… Also as first approach, just check in the browser developer tool (F12) if there is JavaScript errors, and/or HTTP errors. Also, check that HTTP requests are sent to your Matomo server for each visited page.

The log viewer is also a good option to check: if there is errors in it, it can be the cause of your problem…

No errors and still no hits on the pages in Matomo. Created a Google Analytics property to compare the two. In the access logs of the server I can see the pages have been visited, so I guess it’s Matomo’s flaw.

Hi @grietje

You can add links inside code formatted strings (via image button or thanks to ` char), then the forum won’t filter the link…
May I ask you how you technically track? Also if the Check your booking page is loaded in an iframe?
Last thing: could you open the browser developer tool (via F12), then switch to the network tab of the tool, filter on matomo.php, preserve log (dedicated checkbox in Chrome or Edge, or hidden in :gear: in Firefox) and navigate (in the browser) to the page preceding Check your booking (I hope the tracking works on it), and then to the Check your booking page. Then take and share the screenshot.