Some orders not measured on Matomo due to Systempay payment

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I’d like to ask something about tracking orders.

Actually, I’m using GA4 evennts in a HTML code in MTM tag to measure add_to_cart and purchase. It works well even if some purchases can’t be tracked due to adblockers but it’s not a problem.

The thing is before ocnfirmation-page, where the order is triggered in Matomo, there is a payment module in order to buy the product(s). And recently, there were a redesign of the website.

And since the redesign, I’ve seen a lot of decreases in order on Matomo, even if it was truly orders. Like below, it’s typically a case of purchase not considered by Matomo as an order.

The user seems to quit before the arrival on confirmation_page, and so the order is not considered. But before the redesign, only few purchases were in this situation but now, it’s around 50% or even a little more which relates to this situation.

Do you know, please if possible of course, if there is a solution to decrease the waiting time between the module and the confirmation-page for example, where I suppose many users quit the session

Or more broadly, increase the number of purchases captured by Matomo by taking into account the purchasers which are not on the confirmation page. Knowing that , as I said before, it was around 15-20% before redesign and now it’s above 45-50-55%.

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Hi @Ant5669
Sorry, I don’t understand the user journey example. Indeed, I don’t see the confirmation_page you described before, and also I don’t understand why the user visits 5 times the commande page, then visits the payment page, and goes back to command to finally pay again…?
For the order cancellation, didn’t you code a basket emptying somewhere?

Hello @heurteph-ei
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Actually, the screenshot is an example where there is an order without customer reached the confirmation-page.

Regarding the confirmation page issue → i’ve created a segment where people reached the module payment page without confirmation page on Matomo. And when I check my CRM and this segment on Matomo, there is actually lots of purchases but not considered as purchase/order in Matomo because confirmation-page was not reached. And the consequence is that many purchases are not recorded as such in Matomo

Regarding the commande page -->User who visits 5 times command page is normal here because there are some steps in the checkout ( account, adress, shipping, payment). Concerning the visit to the payment page and then back to the checkout page but then back again to the payment page, I don’t know for me it’s user’s choice.

Regarding the abandoned card/add_to_cart -->, it’s actually an add_to_cart, even if it seems strange but it’s tracked like it in my Matomo account. But the fact it’s perveived as a abandoned card doesn’t impact anything on my account.

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Hi @Ant5669

How did you configure the segment? (can you take a screenshot?)
Are you sure there is no problem in the confirmation page? (random JavaScript error on the page, tracking event not triggered, etc.)

As soon as a cart has not been checked out (with tracked event in Matomo), it is considered by Matomo as abandonned.

Hello @heurteph-ei
Thanks for your answer

No problem, below, you cand find the segment:

Regarding the confirmation-page, there are not major problems even if sometimes, I can find a purchase not considered as an order by Matomo but has reached the confirmation-page and is only recognized as a goal, not an order ( but it’s quite uncommon now, even rare )

Thanks for the precision about the carts :slight_smile:

Hi @Ant5669
Can you check if you have visits starting with the confirmation page? It would mean Matomo falsely considers end of visit (and basket validation) as a new one (then empty basket validation and cancelled basket for previous pseudo-visit).
Does also your CRM see the number of order cancellations? What is the difference between Matomo cancellations and CRM ones?

Hello @heurteph-ei
Indeed, i’ve got some visits with confirmation page as the first page.

However, it seems that in many cases, it’s just another session on the confirmation page wherease the purchase were already ordered during the first visit.

An example below, and for a huge part, it’s like it.

It’s very uncommon to have a session who begins by a confirmation_page with a order which were not tracked before. It’s very often the same order.

By the way, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Here is an example of an order no (totally) tracked in Matomo.
When I check my CRM, I can see it was purchases at 10:55

Below, the customer journey without confirmation page as quoted in my previous message, few days ago

It’s matches my CRM, even if there is no order in the visit log but the hour, product is the same.

After, few hours later, i can see the confirmation-page appear in the visit log
But the IP is not the same, even if an explanation is possible.

It seems that the purchaser has begun another session at 18:20 with the confirmation-page but I can’t see the E-commerce Order here ( price and product name)

And mostly I’d like to relate this session to the previous one if possible to facilitate reportings particularly;


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Hi @Ant5669
Very strange…
Can you check if any browser type or device type lead more to this behavior than another ones? Could be for example that tracking is disabled on this page in some conditions…
Can you check also there is never any script error or page redirect in the confirmation page?

Hello @heurteph-ei

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
It seems there is no particularly browsers regarding this kind of behavior. As far as devices are concerned, it seems that smartphones are the main affected when i check the type of devices but it can be flaxed by the peoples who reached the payment page but did not buy.

Maybe I need ,in the payment module, to reduce the time between the module payment page and the confirmation page, in order to increase the number of orders,