Some links don't have the bubbles Page Overlay

On my homepage I can see in Open Transitions that there are statistics to some URLs that are links on the homepage. However some of these links are not shown in Page Overlay.

Other links shows statistics, so Page Overlay is not entirely broken.

From what I read on documentation: “links that point to URLs that will redirect to a different URL can’t be annotated in Page Overlay.”

The URL(s) are no redirect URL(s)

The links contains images and CSS transitions (like zooming on hovering)
The links are within a deep level of div-elements.

Piwik version: 2.16.0.

What would a next good step be?

Hi there

could you give some example of 1) working links, 2) links without the bubble?

Maybe there is something in common between non-working links?

The working links have a structure link:


Mean while those that does not work: ul li div a img span

Hi John,
Do you mind creating a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub with a screenshots showing the issue, and some small minimal HTML code that help to reproduce the problem? as we haven’t heard of this issue so far, it seems new and it would be good to investigate.