Some heatmaps can not be managed

We have installed the plugin “heatmaps and sessions recording” and used it for a while without problem. But now we discovered that for one profile the heatmaps can not be managed. We can’t delete or edit those heatmaps.
When we look att Manage heatmaps- it is empty. See pic below:

But this profile has several heatmaps as can be seen on picture below. It is a long list (marked in yellow) the user can scroll.

Is there a limit to how many heatmaps you can create/manage for a profile?
How can we delete them if we can not delete them in the admin-interface?

Grateful if anyone can help us with this heatmaps problem!
Best regards!

Does this user have the same right than the other ones? (admin/reader/writer, and so on)

Yes, it is the super-admin user who is logging in. That is the user account I use and it has the same super admin rights to all profiles.

As heatmap is a paid feature, you can ask support by email to the Matomo sales service…

Yes, I have done that too now. And I was contacted so hopefully they can find an answer.

Hi @E111,

Just FYI, please put the post in the #premium-features category the next time or contact the support team directly as they otherwise are not aware of your issue. (unless I see it and forward it to them)

Hi Lukas!
Thanks for the tip! Will write it down so I do the right thing next time. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that we found a solution: the server where Matomo was installed needed some more memory and then it worked to manage the heatmaps.