Some feature suggestion for plugin development


I have seen the tiket about dateRange, I know it is complicated to add this feature.
But is it possible to give a hook or another thing to add these parameters for only developer of plugin.

Now I’m writing an ecommerce plugin, I have to add some parameters(dataRange, period(hour needed) ,etc) in href after"#module=…&date=…&xx=…&myPara=…&myPara2=…".
I add myPara,myPara2 by using hook “template_js_import”, but I think if piwik can add some new hooks or another feature for this, develop plugin would be more easier and flexible. And I’m affraid if Piwik modify some core code(the parameters were not save in href), then my plugins won’t work anymore.

I have an idea simple, add one “customPara=customData” in url, I think it is not difficult for Piwik to do this. And plugin developers can add their parameters here, maybe use json(like js tracking , custom vars), or another format they prefer.

With this para, piwik don’t need to modify many codes, because it is not useful for old plugin of piwik, it is only useful for plugin developers, they can modify this parameter with js or other method they want. And with this parameters, developers can write better plugin. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

Thanks. I’ve added some comments to ticket #948.