Some API segments "not supported" in piwik 1.5.1?


I’m trying to get some specific statitistics from piwik by using the powerful API-Interface.I have read the whole documentation about API, methods, segments ect. and already succeded with a couple of “basic” API-requests.

But especially when using segmentations (I chose from the official online-documentaition), I often get an error message that the chosen segment is not supported:

result: error
message: Segment ‘customVariablePageName1’ is not a supported segment.

Here the part of my query:

There seemes to be more segements, that doesn’t work, like:

… (?)

As I realized by looking for these segments in Google, some of these features are still in devellopment. Is there a list of segements that does (not) work with pwik 1.5.1. that I am using now?

Thanks for help!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

please wait for next release of piwik since the doc already contains the newest info. Or use latest version 1.6b5 from


Ok, thanks. I’ll check that beta.

Is there a aproximate date when a stable version of piwik 1.6 with all listed segments will be published?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

now it is: 301 Moved Permanently


LOL! What a quick reply!
Thats just great. I’ll update piwik immediately and check the new segments now.

One question in generall:
Is ist possible to us ALL segments for ALL methods that allow segments or are some segments only adaptible to limited methods?

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

I think that all methods should work with all segments now, but if you find some problem let us know!