[SOLVED] Upgrade 1.4 -> 1.5: no new logs shown

Hi experts,
after upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 new visits are not shown.
But they are still logged (I can see this in the database)
and the visitors log is working correct.
I can see visits from the current day.
But every other widget shows no access at all.

There are no PHP errors.

TIA Stephan

SOS. I am getting the same thing. No new stats showing. Cron completes with no errors. Manually http stat generation completes with no errors. dB shows new stats being collected but they are not updated when the cron runs so nothing new is showing (0 values for stats the last week).

Please run the cron directly from shell, perhaps you will get a hint there.


Thanks very much.
That was the problem.
After updating ro 1.5 the cron job (on windows) didn’t work,
because the path to the php.ini was not correct any longer.
Now everything works perfect.

Perhaps it should be mentioned in the upgrade FAQs that you have to readjust the .ps file
if you are using the powershell script on windows.

Many thanks

Stephan, I have asked many times to windows users if it would be possible to submit a patch to the .ps file that the path to php could be specified as parameter to the script, rather than hardcoded in the script. Then, it wouldn’t need to be hacked after each upgrade. If you can, please submit a patch that lets specify path to php via a parameter to the .ps file!