[SOLVED] Piwik in Blogger - Blogspot

Hello all. I’m new to Piwik I know. I have my website working with Piwik but I can’t I can’t get my Blog working with Piwik.

How do you get stats from Blogger/Blogspot? I’ve added the code just before the and before the tags. Either way I don’t get stats from my Blog. What is it I’m doing wrong here? I’ve installed the Google Analytics code in the Blog and it gives me stats.

Thanks in advance for any help

Does blogger allow javascript code ? I didn’t think so.

try toi “View source” of your blog and see if the piwik javascript code is there?

Matt – Thanks for the reply. I was able to see the HTML. Here is the Piwik code that I put in it

I assume this is the JavaScript you are talking about. I’m sure that the site runs JavaScript since thisbelow is the Google Analytics code that does return stats to Google.

I see there are smiles in the Google listing. Obviously ther’re not in the blog code. Must be something being translated but this forum code??

These are just before the tag. As I said, the Google code works since I see results in Google Analytics. Unfortunately, no stats are returned to Piwik. I know the Piwik site is working since I get stats from 2 Joomla websites. I also tried inserting the code just before the tag, as suggested in another post but that didn’t work either.

It isn’t a problem with both sets of code being in the HTML since I’ve tried to get the stats to Piwik without te Google code and it still did not work.

Any help is appreciated as I like Piwik better than Google.

http://www.debbiedyke.com/~debbiedy/Piwik/ returns error 404


Piwik site is Piwik site

If you need login please PM me.



Ok. Don’t know why/how the ~debbiedy got into the generated code but it did. I guess I should have seen that but I missed it. Maybe since the Piwik was setup in a sub-domain??

Now that it’s removed it works fine and stats are flowing in.

Thanks for the sharp eyes and help. I guess you can mark this closed

All the help quick response is much appreciated :)-D