[solved] piwik_ignore cookie


is there a possibility to manually set the piwik_ignore cookie without using the iframe?

In the User Settings in Piwik you can, or also you can manuallt set the cookie of course (as long as it’s on the same domain as your piwik install)

I forgot to mention that I meant the cookie for every user (although its probably the same one for admins).

Yes, its the same domain. But the cookie needs a value, right?

I would like to do something like that:

$value = ???
setcookie("piwik_ignore", $value, time()+3600);

Is it possible?

ok, i found out where i can edit the template (piwik/plugins/coreAdminHome/tepmlate). so i did don’t need set the cookie on my own page… i can take the default one with my own css and text…