[Solved] Piwik 1.3 - Internal Search Evolution widget stoped working

After upgrading to Piwik 1.3 the Site Search ‘add on’ Internal Search Evolution has stopped working.
Percentage of internal search users and Percentage of users are still working fine.
It (ISE) was working yesterday (showing data) but now we just get a flat line, even if looking back at previous data

Please post a comment on the plugin ticket to make sure the author sees the bug.

thanks Matt, i will wait for a fix to the add on

The latest commit on github will fix this problem.
Thanks for the report!


thank you this is now working again, no data loss

It is now possible to track internal searches on your websites, with Piwik Site Search Analytics available as of Piwik 1.9.

You can even track “No Result Keywords” and Search categories if your website supports it. It also lists the pages most clicked on search results.