[solved] IP anonimization, location error

To be in conformity with European law, we enable ip anonimization to mask the two last number of ip address.
Moreover we localize IP with GeoIP (PHP).

However, since we enable anonimization, we have location error,
Here is an example : : this ip is suppose to be in France next to a town called "Limoges"
But when you remove the two last number : : this ip is localize in Russia next to Moscow

Piwik see this IP in Moscow but it’s wrong.

It’s possible to localise before IP anonimization to fix that or maybe already fix since 2.9.0 ?

in the Privacy settings you can select to do the Geo location using Non anonimised IP addresses. You can change the setting and it should fix it.

Hi matt,
Thanks, I did not see that.