(SOLVED) Imported Apache Logs are not processed/archived

Hi all

I revently installed Piwik 1.7.1 on my webserver. Everything’s fine so far.

Thereafter I “set up” 2 websites on Piwik and implemented the tracking code on these 2 websites. The data collection works fine, i can see the records in the Visitor/Visitor Logs and i can see all the processed results on Overview/Dashboard. Everything fine so far.

Now it “set up” a third website on Piwik. This time i’m not placing any tracking code in a website, i’m just reading in old Apache logfiles using the Piwik log-file-import python script. The import script runs fine. Under Visitor/Visitor Logs i can see all the records read from the Apache logifles, but this time, i don’t see any processed results/reports on Overview/Dashboard. When looking at the mysql database, i can see, that Piwik created the related archive_blob and archive_numeric tables and filled both with records. So obv. the archiving process was triggered and did something. There were about 800 logfile entries i read in (for the test), which resulted in about 80 records in archive_blob and about 30 records in archive_numeric. Since the archiving process does some aggregation, i guess that’s plausibel.
I checked the php and apache error log as well as the system logs but found no entries showing an error related to Piwik. I also deleted the archive tables with no success (the were created again but the result ist the same).

Since the processing for the first 2 websites is working fine, i guess the problem must somehow be related to the apache log import.

Does anyone has an idea, what’s going wrong here?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Good lord, i guess i missed that little information…

Piwik 1.7.2-rc2 at minimum is required

Just to be sure: if i get the import_logs.py from the repository it wouldn’t run with 1.7.1 (meaning not only the import_logs.py is new in 1.7.2)?

It’s working with 1.7.2RC8 (i had to re-import the log files).